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Sunday, November 29, 2020


When Channing and I started The Faithful Feminists at the beginning of 2020, we knew we were stepping into uncharted territory. Women? Interpreting the scriptures? What are their qualifications? How dare they use that f-word..ahem...feminism! But we felt called to this work because we believe that women’s voices, experiences, and ideas not only matter to God, but also matter to building a better, more equitable, more just gospel in the LDS tradition.

We know what it’s like to go through a faith transition, to feel isolated and absolutely rejected by the church community, to pray each day for change, only to have it come so, so slowly. And so we wanted to create a space and create content for all of you out there who may have felt the same. We wanted to save you a seat on the soft chairs. We set out to take the scriptures to task and push the boundaries of traditional interpretation by bringing with us our love for feminism, social justice, sisterhood, AND the gospel.

Now, we’re 11 months in with 44 thousand episode downloads and 6,000 followers on Instagram. The Faithful Feminists has only made it this far because of YOU. You all have been such active participants in this project--you listen, you share, you comment, you email, you message us, and you engage in feminist interpretations for yourself! This means not only do you love the podcast and think that the work we do matters, but it also means we’re doing the work together! You, me, Channing, and the thousands of others out there who follow along each week. This work is taking flight because of you.

So now we’d like to ask that if you have learned something from the podcast, if you have paused and replayed, if you have taken notes and used this content in lessons, if this has changed your mind or changed your heart, if you were with us for our feminist celebration of eater or our conference care kit, if you are a new follower or a long-time listener, we would really appreciate it if you could make a one-time donation to the project through Venmo. Your donation means that we can continue the podcast in sustainable ways, collaborate with new guests, and make plans for the future.

Here's the link to our Venmo profile. Tap or click it, and be sure you're finding our true self. Currently, Venmo is the primary way we are accepting donations. If you have trouble with the link, QR code, or Venmo app, please send us an email at

The Faithful Feminists means the world to us because you mean the world to us. We are humbled by and grateful for your unwavering support. We never could have imagined that when we said we saved you a seat on the soft chairs, that it would be you that we get to share the row with.

Thank you for such a beautiful year together.

All our love,

Channing & Elise

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