Conference Care Kit

Thursday, October 1, 2020

General Conference. What do those words bring up for you? Excitement, fear, dread, joy? Whatever it is, we know exactly how you feel, and we are so glad you're here.

We created the Conference Care Kit with other faithful feminists in mind. For womxn and other marginalized peoples, conference weekend can be a time of sorrow, hurt, loss, and pain. It can be especially challenging to find yourself the dissenting minority in your family and/or community. And if you have experienced or are in the midst of a faith transition, the difficulty is compounded!

After going through a few conference weekends on our own with little support, we wanted to create a safe space and resources for others who are looking for comfort, peace, and connection beyond what General Conference can offer. In this Conference Care Kit you will find:

  • Pre-conference journal sheets
  • Personal revelation podcast episode
  • Playlist of "Conference Comforts"
  • 5 favorite conference talks by women
  • Channing's cinnamon roll recipe
  • Guided relaxation meditation led by Channing
  • Post-conference journal sheets

Pre-Conference Journal Sheets

In the pre-conference journal sheets, you will have opportunity to explore your connection to the Divine, your personal spectrum of emotions about conference, practice setting boundaries, and create  your own personal conference self-care plan. You can print these pages and write on them, fill them out online, or simply use them as a guide for your own exploration.

Personal Revelation Podcast Episode

A few months ago we recorded an episode that we feel is relevant and impactful for this weekend. 'Life's Work: Smashing the Patriarchy Through Personal Revelation' is the perfect match for General Conference. You can listen to it RIGHT HERE. In this episode we explore what personal revelation looks like, what to do when your revelation conflicts with current church policies and General Authorities, and how personal revelation can guide and influence your life. This is not your average podcast episode. This is not a personal revelation review. It's a conversation that we hope will encourage you to radically embrace your power.

"Conference Comforts" Playlist

Music and art are a personal passion of ours, and we curated a playlist meant to soothe, encourage, and carry your heart as you move through this weekend. We imagine it playing in the background between sessions, the notes wrapping around you like a warm blanket as you snuggle your family, or turned all the way up for a therapeutic dance session in your kitchen. It's our gift to you, given with our greatest hope of comfort and safety. You can listen to it on Spotify. The link is RIGHT HERE.

5 Favorite Conference Talks by Women

For many of us, we long to hear more women's voices over the pulpit. This is why we've gathered 5 of our favorite General Conference talks given by women over the last 5 years. We invite you to tune-in to these talks at anytime throughout the weekend, but particularly when the live sessions feel unsafe, unwelcoming, and exclusive. With talks from super-star women whose messages center on love, comfort, and Jesus Christ we hope you feel seen, welcome, and held here.

  • At the heart of Sister Eubank's talk, she reminds us that all are welcome. To those experiencing grief, exhaustion, questions, discomfort, and/or discouragement, Jesus Christ sees us and draws near to us.
  • Speaking boldly of mental illness and depression, Sister Aburto calls us to follow the Savior, "increase our compassion, diminish our tendency to judge, and stop being the inspectors of the spirituality of others."
  • Sister Craig's talk gives us space to feel discontent within the church. She goes so far as to say that this discontent we feel, the discontent that leads us to action, is divine and calls us to Jesus.
  • With Jesus at the front and center of her talk, Sister Bingham uplifts Him as healer, peacemaker, and forgiver who wants us to have fullness of joy.
  • An entire talk centered on and drawing examples from women? Yes, please. In Sister Burton's talk she turns to biblical and modern-day women and their roles as disciples in God's kingdom.

Cinnamon Roll Recipe

One of our favorite things to do together is share yummy food. What is good for the body is good for the soul, including food - especially when its made with love. Below you will find our favorite recipe for cinnamon rolls. Channing makes dozens of these every year for her daughter's annual lemonade stand and they always sell out! The secret ingredient for these rolls is intention and joy. Sing, dance, smile, and laugh as you prepare these rolls and they will fill and warm you all weekend long. (P.S. You can totally cheat by using biscuit or pre-made dough!) 

Guided Relaxation Meditation by Channing

To support you further this weekend, our resident yoga teacher Channing is sharing a guided relaxation and mindfulness recording that can help you wind down and calm your mind, body, and spirit. Its great to listen to for post-session naps, relaxation, or before bed! You can listen anytime, as many times as you need to reconnect with your body and breath. Just press play on the recording, or you can download for easy listening later! *(Please read the Guided Relaxation Note at the end of the page!)*

Post-Conference Journal Sheets

To help you wrap up and process the weekend, we have post-conference journal sheets with gentle reflection questions, affirmations, and space to explore and break down your thoughts and experience for easy sorting and assimilation. Our hopes for these journal sheets is that they will help you decide what to keep, what to throw away, and what to give to God so you can move forward from conference weekend with confidence and a stronger connection with the Divine. You can print these pages, fill them out online, or use them as a guide for your own exploration.

These resources are free to access, listen to, and download. We hope that you'll take what is helpful to you and leave anything that isn't. These resources, just like the podcast itself, act as guides, as stepping stones, as open doors to explore new kinds of conference weekends that meet your unique spiritual needs. We offer them to you with all our love and friendship.

A Final Love Note

This weekend, know that you are not alone. You are surrounded in spirit by womxn just like you who are seeking god and wholeness in their own way. Take this time to listen to your inner wisdom, for she knows how to keep you safe and lead you to the messages that are meant for you. Lean on those around you for comfort and refuge. Celebrate with blood and chosen family in all the ways that make you feel validated, warm, and welcomed. Remember that your relationship with the divine is more sacred, intimate, and holy than all the words said over pulpit: you know your God best. Finally, trust us when we say that we've saved you a seat on the soft chairs. There is room for you here, right next to us.

With all our love,
Channing & Elise

*Guided Relaxation Note: Safety first! Do not listen to these recordings while you’re driving or operating machinery. These meditations can make you sleepy and therefore pose a safety hazard if not used correctly. Please be responsible. These recordings are most effective when you listen through headphones. Important Legal Note: I am not liable for accident or injury from use of these recordings. These recordings are protected under United States law and cannot be published or used in whole or in part for any other purpose except private, individual use. You may not share or sell these recordings or claim them as your own. These recordings are for personal entertainment use only and are not a substitute for professional health care. Your use of these recordings is an indication of your agreement to these terms and conditions and reflects your release of the author and producer’s liability.

**Important Legal Stuff: The Conference Care Kit is a free resource provided by The Faithful Feminists for limited individual use only. Individuals may print their own copies of the worksheets and recipes to share within their wards and families, but must include the copyright watermark included on every page. You may not claim the Conference Care Kit to be your work in part or whole and you may not sell it or distribute it in part or whole. If you would like to share the Conference Care Kit online, we require you to provide a prominent, direct url link to this page. The Conference Care Kit and The Faithful Feminists are not connected with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and do not claim to represent it. Your use of this website and the Conference Care Kit indicated your agreement to these terms and conditions and reflects your release of the author's and producer's liability. Copyright: The Faithful Feminists, 2020
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