Monday at the Temple 2022-2023 - Whom Seekest Thou: Restorative Easter Reflections

Monday, April 11, 2022



Worship is free.

Always has been.

Always will be.

So its no wonder

That Jesus flipped tables

Over the idea that

Heaven is a club with a cover charge

And he is to be the bouncer.

I mean, I imagine

that was the last straw.

Who needs a bouncer for a club

Everyone is invited to?
Sounds like another one of Peter’s ideas.

Jesus strikes me as the kind of guy

who’d rather get down

With a good beat drop

And lose himself

In the thump of bass notes

That hit the soul

Like a good mountain sermon.

But no,

He’s here, flipping tables.

Turning upside down

The idea that God only blesses people

Who can already buy miracles.

This place needs a deep spring clean.

Throw open the birdcages.

Doves, Be free.

Throw open the pens

For the goats, the sheep.

Be free.

Turn out pockets and 

Loosen purse strings.

Be free.

Where did the idea 

even come from that

Two birds

Or a tax deductible

ten percent

buys the park hopper pass

To the pearly gates?

Probably not from the guy

Who does the miracle thing

For anyone.

For free.

Gross, Net

Root, Evil

Eye, Needle, Camel

Pearls, Swine

Without Great Price,

Poor Widow Mite,

People didn’t like Jesus who said

Bring your hunger and I’ll bring the bread

Because how do you make

A profit off of promises like

Thirst no more?

That’s turning table talk.

Because if the kingdom of heaven

Is already here,

What on earth

Is your tithing paying for?

The good news is

that Jesus does have a nightclub

With star-studded ceilings

And an all-you-can-eat buffet

For five thousand.

God is the DJ

Crossfading paradox

Like a master of synth

Working with verse and chorus

Made of revolution.

The secret to the club’s success

Is its open-door policy.

Seek, find.

Knock, open.

Nicodemus takes

Canned food donations

Upon entry.

Mary is the manager and

Thecla her assistant.

Martha serves soup in the kitchen in the back;

She was never one for dancing anyway.

The apostles do the dishes and

Paul stays busy cleaning the bathrooms 

Until he learns to share

On open mic night.

And then there is Jesus

Teaching line dances to Lazarus

And singing his favorite songs

At the top of his lungs:

Salt of the earth

Last first, first last

Love one another

When the dancers are tired, 

There are warm beds and showers next door

For anyone who needs one

At the Good Samaritan Hotel.

The Nightclub is named Consecration

And you can find it

Where the old temple used to be.


Family Promise of Salt Lake, an non-profit organization that provides shelter, case management and housing services to children and families experiencing homelessness, reports the following statistics:

  • Families make up 35% of the people in Utah experiencing homelessness.

  • More than two-thirds of Utah’s homeless population is in Salt Lake County.

  • As of this 2017 study, 240 of the people experiencing homelessness in Utah were veterans. Throughout the country, veterans are more likely to experience homelessness than non-veterans.

  • Victims of domestic violence and people with mental illness make up the largest subsets of Utah’s homeless population.

As you gather around your Easter table this Sunday, please consider supporting your unhoused community with a donation to The Road Home, an organization which provides emergency shelter, supportive services, and housing assistance to help individuals and families step out of homelessness, or to the Fourth Street Clinic, which helps Utahns experiencing homelessness improve their health and quality of life by providing high-quality health care and support services.

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