A Soft-Chairs Workshop

Saturday, August 7, 2021


A Soft-Chairs Workshop

Saturday, October 9th, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. | South Jordan, Utah

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About the Event:

Each week on the podcast we turn to sacred text with a feminist lens to see how we can find sisterhood, critique structures, and celebrate radical love. But the tasks of reading and interpreting, learning and asking, challenging and honoring are truly better when done with others in a safe community!

On Saturday, October 9th, join us for a day full of feminism and scriptures. Together, in the company of fellow learners, we'll explore main themes of feminist theory, critique, and theology in a way that is approachable, accessible, and relevant to our everyday lives. Through intimate connection and conversation, we will turn ideas into action as we practice making the scriptures personal and imagine new interpretations of sacred text. At the heart of this workshop is a desire for safe community, creative practice, and shaping a more equitable world for all.

We want to share all that we have learned so that at the end of the event you'll walk away with greater confidence in reading scriptures, simple techniques and skills for feminist interpretations, and a deeper connection with your soft-chair sisters.


  • Welcome
  • Getting comfortable with feminist theology - presentation by Channing & Elise
  • Lunch - catered by Vessel Kitchen
  • Creating connection through sacred text - workshop
  • Q&A session
  • Goodbye & goodies

This event is for you if...

  1. You love The Faithful Feminists podcast
  2. You want to bring your faith and feminism together in a passionate, meaningful way
  3. You are looking for tools to help you develop your own feminist approach to scripture
  4. You desire a community of people who can help you get creative, ask questions, and bring your whole self to your spirituality
  5. You are tired of worn-out, watered-down interpretations of scripture
  6. You hope to reignite your faith practice by focusing on the lived experience of women

This event is not for you if...

  1. You have never listened to The Faithful Feminists podcast
  2. You generally dislike when your faith and sacred text are questioned, critiqued, or doubted
  3. You prefer to keep faith and politics separate
  4. You believe oppression is a matter of opinion
  5. You think it's best if the church steers clear in matters of social justice
  6. You believe prophets, scriptures, and revelations should not be challenged


Tickets are available at three price points: reduced, standard, and generous.

$110 - $130 - $160

Choose the price point that best fits your needs and situation—no explanations needed and no questions asked. Please note: Purchasing at the "generous" price point allows for scholarship opportunities for those seeking to attend the event. When those who can give do give, we can share resources, ideas, and keep our content accessible and affordable.

All price points allow identical, full-access to the workshop.

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